People waiting in line for your website

Your Customers Are Waiting For You… On Your Website

On average, you have about 6 seconds to capture the attention of a visitor to your website.  If they aren’t engaged almost immediately, they will hit the “Back” button on their browser and navigate to your competition’s site to look for something more interesting.

What are they looking for?

Several things, in most cases.  

  1. A clean, modern home page that has a clear purpose and non-cluttered design
  2. Headlines that catch their attention and immediately clarify your business’ USP (unique selling proposition)
  3. Copy that “speaks their language”.  They don’t care about how long you have been in business, all of the industry jargon, or what equipment you have on-site.  They are looking for the benefits and why they should trust you with their business, over all of your competitors.

Let’s focus on #3.  Imagine your website as a sales-person.  Would you want your best sales-person saying the things on your home page to a prospect during his sales pitch?  Seriously, read the copy out loud, right now.  Is it robotic, forced, or too formal for a normal conversation?  Then you have something to work on!  

Record yourself describing your business and services, elevator pitch style.  Try to keep it concise and to the point.  Now, go back and rewrite your home page using the transcript of your recording.  

If your business sells a complex service, or a service that costs upwards of ~$100, chances are that the vast majority of your website visitors are there to do research before eventually making a purchase.  They will naturally have “objections”, or blocks in their mind, that are keeping them from making a purchase right now.  Your job is to remove these blocks, one-by-one, with your copy.

Ask your current or past customers what objections they had before deciding to purchase from your business.  Use this information in your website copy by offering a clear solution for each major objection.

Effective copywriting is an art, but with the right framework, you can make significant improvements in a short amount of time.