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tired of having to second-guess your analytics / advertising reporting because your'e unsure if your pixels are setup correctly? want clarity on your customer journey and stronger segmentation?

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what do you get with Tag Doctor?

in short:  peace-of-mind and confidence

“FunnelBoom built an incredible solution for our e-comm & membership site, featuring fully custom Google Analtyics and a Facebook Pixel + events setup unlike anything I've ever seen. A complete game-changer for our testing, analytics and ad-optimization”

Kelcey Lehrich

Owner, ScienceOfSkill.com

how it works

4 simple steps to end your tagging frustrations

Step 1: Get Your Quote

Click "Get Quote" below and fill out the short form with your funnel / project information (just a few questions)

Step 2: Scoping & Goals

Our team will review your request and get back to you within 1 business day to confirm and finalize scoping & your business goals

Step 3: We Implement & Test

We'll work within your existing GTM container or build you a new one, setup your tags, and test to insure things are working properly

Step 4: Wrap Up

We'll provide documentation on the tags we've setup, help configure custom-conversions / goals / etc. and answer any questions you might have. You get 14-day support after publish.

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what you get, how long it will take, and how much it costs

Fixed, Tested, Published

We will handle the setup, testing and publishing of your new tagging.


get a Google Sheet with all the tag details and a PDF with the high-level summary. Screen-cap reviews available for more complicated setups

14-Day Support

If something looks "off" or unclear in your data, just shoot us a note and we'll double-check it

Best-In-Class Accuracy

Key events (purchase, lead, etc.) are implemented using our proprietary CACHEMONEY system to drastically improve your data-accuracy

Tag Doctor


Final pricing depends on project scoping and complexity

Delivery Time:  ~1 week from payment

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frequently asked questions

What platforms do you support?

Shopify, ClickFunnels & Wordpress are our most common requests, but we can implement tagging for pretty much any site, as long as there's access to the website code.

What if I don't know Google Tag Manager?

Don't worry, we'll handle all of the setup and if you want to take over control after our implementation, we include a copy of our "Facebook Pixel Implementation Blueprint v2.0" training course ($99 value) with all setups.

How long will all of this take?

Depends on the size of the project, but most can be done within a few business days.  If the project requires a dataLayer setup (usually needed for large, dynamic implementations ... for example, a WordPress site with several custom-post-types and requirements for highly customized analytics and user-data) then it might take 1 - 2 weeks.

What if I just need Facebook Pixel setup on a small funnel?

We charge a minimum of $299 for setups, but if your project is really small, we can make exceptions in some cases.  Just contact us for more info and we'll sort it out 😎

how do you or I know how accurate my Facebook pixel data is?

basically, the challenge with the Facebook tracking is that (out-of-the-box) the pixel doesn't de-duplicate events for users.  So if you fire an event (or URL-based custom conversion) based on pageview... any time the user reloads the page, the event fires again.  This leads to massive overcounting of results in most FB Ad Accounts we work with (we've seen numbers off by 100%+ on upsell pages in particular)

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End the pixel frustrations and the sleepless nights worrying if your conversions are tracking properly.   Get started with Tag Doctor today.

... you do lose sleep over tagging, right 😉?