Get Customer-Level Historical & Predicted LTV For Your Business

Give Us Access To Your Historical Order Data, We'll Give You A Hyper-Intelligent Customer-Level LTV Analysis & "Value-Based" Facebook Custom Audiences

"Yes, Gimme The Details!"
FunnelBoom Predictive LTV Explainer Video 2018

"why do i need this? cant i just sum the total order value for each customer?"

most ltv studies are inherently flawed. "averages" are dangerously inaccurate, and future value must be considered.  watch the video to get the details on what makes our service different.

how will our predictive LTV service help you?

lifetime-value is the most important metric for any ecommerce business. here's 4 ways (of many) that our ltv analysis will help your business

who are my best customers, now & future?

not all customers are created equal. discover who your most profitable customers are, and who is likely to be most profitable in the future

earn more from retargeting

Did you know that most retargeting ads for existing customers are a waste of money? you'll get custom audiences for "should be retargeted" and "should be left alone", based on customer risk-level

Phil Kyprianou Testimonial FunnelBoom Predictive LTV

“This is incredible... the difference between this and the way we've done LTV measurement in the past is insane. Will start using these value-based look-a-likes right away!”

Phil Kyprianou
Large Shopify Store Owner and Head of Shopify Strategy FB Group

how it works

4 simple steps to get customer-level LTV for your shop

Step 1: Assign Us Access

to your Shopify Admin. we will export your historic order & customer data. of course, your data is secured & confidential.

Step 2: We Run All The Math

We take your order data, run it through our models to generate a historic and predicted future-value (and "risk") for each customer

Step 3: Make It Actionable

We create Facebook "Value-Based" Custom Audiences for past & future value.. along with high-churn-risk & low-churn-risk. Data can be uploaded to other platforms (like your ESP) as well.

Step 4: Review Session

Our team of performance marketing experts will review your data with you and make strategic recommendations for your acquisition, retention & deepening efforts

get started

what you get, how long it will take, and how much it costs

Customer-Level LTV

you'll get a .xlsx file with historical-value, future value & "risk-level" for each of your customers

Facebook Audiences

Value-based audiences created in your Facebook Business Manager (great for LAL-building), along with "risk-based" custom audiences for smarter retargeting budgeting

Store Valuation

Get your store's valuation based on expected future profitability. great for benchmarking or selling your shop.

Cohort Analysis

See if you are acquiring more or less valuable / risky customer over time (broken down by quarter-of-acquisition)

Sales Forecasts

Get 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 1 yr. & 2 yr. sales forecasts for your existing customer-base

Predictive LTV (Shopify)


Final pricing depends on customer-database size & if you want repeat runs of the model (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Delivery Time:  ~1 week from payment

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frequently asked questions

Is this only for Shopify?

Shopify is our main focus, but as long as you have an order database that we can access via API or an interface (to export .csv) then you are eligible. In order to get a solid result from the predictive-ltv component of the service, you need to have a fair number of customers who have made more than 1 purchase with your business.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you aren't impressed by the deliverable / don't find it useful, just let us know your concern and if we can't solve it with a quick-fix, then we're happy to refund your money.

What if my orders are scattered across many payment solutions (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)?

That's OK!  We can still work with this situation, as long as all of your payment providers provide a way to access the orders (API, etc.).  Due to added time / work on our part to aggregate, reformat and reconcile, there may be a longer delivery time and higher price.   We can sort this out when you get in touch using our contact form.

Any minimum / maximum number of customers or orders?

Not really. The only major constraint is that you need to have a reasonable number of repeat customers in order for the predictive-ltv to generate high-value results

what's the big fuss about "value-based" audiences in Facebook?

Value-based audiences are unique and more powerful than normal "custom audiences" because they enable Facebook to differentiate between high-value customers & low-value customers when a look-a-like audience is built from them.  See this link for more details from Facebook.  On average, you should expect that Value-based look-a-like audiences will outperform your "standard" look-a-like audiences because Facebook can target your ads more effectively.

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Know the real value of your customers.  Know what to bid.  Make more money* from your prospecting ads using Value-Based Look-a-Likes

*just to be clear... we obviously can't guarantee profitability results