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Home Page of the Week: Focus At Will

Each week (or every other week… or, perhaps more realistically, each month), we’re going to post a new “Home Page of The Week” (HPOTW), where we honor those who have built outstanding website homepages.

The criteria to win HPOTW is fairly simple.

We’re looking for strong copywriting, awesome CTA’s (calls-to-action), and design that is both visually appealing and ENHANCES the probability of a conversion, rather than distracting from it.

On to this week’s winner:

focus@will’s Home Page Shines Through With Brilliant Whitespace and Clearly Conveyed Benefits

Here’s a breakdown of the 3 biggest reasons we love focus@will’s home page.

    1. Strong headline that conveys USP and Benefits
      In the screenshot below, we’ve broken out some of the key components of this awesome headline.Due to the simplistic / clean design of the “Hero” section, this headline really pops and draws attention.  In a day and age where sliders and video backgrounds are being used more and more, this hero / headline thoroughly accomplishes its main goal: Conveying the unique-selling-proposition of the service, and the benefits to the visitor.

focus at will headline analysis

  1. Non-Cluttered, Clean DesignQuickly scroll down the length of the page.

    Notice how much open space there is?

    This abundance of white-space is common with “Bootstrap“-styled websites, and it helps to keep the reader moving quickly from one section to the next.

    When websites try to jam too much content / too many elements into one area, it’s comparable to trying to get someone to read a paragraph that’s 20 sentences long…

    You’ve probably seen this before, but when you run into a long paragraph like that on someone’s website, your normal reaction is just to skip right over it.

    Why is that?

    Because before you even begin to read, sub-consciously you’ve already decided this is going to be a CHORE.

    The same principle applies for webpage clutter.  When there’s too much going on, the visitor immediately gets a sense of being overwhelmed.

    focus@will does a great job of keeping the page “moving”, while not trying to force-feed the visitor too much information.

  2. CTA’s are Strong and Well-Placed 

    focus@will’s homepage has 3 well-placed “Call-To-Action” buttons:One “above the fold” (in view when the page loads)…One just below the iconography and benefits summary…

    And then one at the bottom of the page.

    The buttons are over-sized and green, and the CTA text conveys a strong offer: “Start My 30 Day Trial”.

    As the late/great Gary Halbert once said ‘You should think more about how to “sweeten” your offer than any other aspect of writing copy.’

Bonus Download


Our Downloadable “Bonus Pack” includes detailed explanations of 3 More Strengths from focus@will…

an “Implementation Checklist” (so that you can “swipe” f@w’s great work to fortify your website)…

and a few nitty-gritty CSS (design) tips, straight from the f@w home page.

Click here to download your copy

Recommended Variation to Test

If I could make one (unsolicited 🙂 )suggestion of a variation to test, for the folks at focus@will, to improve their free trial conversion rate…

Although I love the CTA buttons, they’ve buried two key “offer sweeteners” on the subsequent page (after clicking the CTA):

  1. You don’t need a credit card to start your free trial.
  2. You can login with Facebook, Google+ or just your email address

I would test moving these two facts to the home page as “Helper Text” below each CTA … something like this:

My color-choices here aren’t outstanding…. but the key is having those added benefits in-sight of the CTA.

Note: given the ease with which you can create your account, I added a time-element to our “Helper Text”

Again, kudos to focus@will on this solid example of a clean, modern home page with strong copy and CTA’s!

What’s your favorite part of focus@will’s homepage? What would you suggest they test changing?

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