The Team

Courtany Tweito

Position: C*O,

Skills: Social Media, Copywriting, Project Management, Funnel Engineering

When I’m Not Working: Family Time, Mario Kart 64, Intellivision (Baseball), Soccer, Chicago Bears

Andrew Tweito

Position: Founder

Skills: Copywriting, Funnel Engineering, Analytics, Tag Management, Advertising

When I’m Not Working: Family Time, Donkey Kong (Arcade), CS:GO, Clemson Tigers, FC Barcelona, Golf

What We’re Bout

If you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or marketer, there’s a wealth of online resources to help you learn the “what to do” of digital marketing.

And if you’re like us, you have probably spent an ungodly amount of time reading blog posts, taking courses, and trying to figure out exactly who is legit and actually having success in the digital marketing world.

Through client work and testing a number of different strategies and tactics, we’ve started to separate “signal vs. noise”.

Where you will find that we are different than most marketing resources is that we don’t focus on high-level concepts… we focus on the exact “how-to” of implementing marketing strategies that work.

You’ll learn how to implement and master strats and tactics that may initially seem “highly technical”, but we’ll break them down in a way that is (hopefully) friendly to everyone, regardless of technical skill.

Along with covering the basics of building an online business (and/or becoming a more skilled marketer), we’ll help you discover the incredible potential in some of the oft-ignored corners of the digital world:

  1. Analytics
  2. Tag Management
  3. Funnel “Engineering”
  4. Agile Marketing

Today, there is a major shortage of technical marketers in the marketplace.

If you can master the skills of copywriting, analytics, and how to piece web technology together to build sales funnels… the sky is the limit, whether you want to leverage your skills to build your own business, get a higher paying job, or get more/better clients.

Now, we’re not saying that you should “Do It All Yourself”, but armed with a little technical savvy and know-how, you’ll discover the same thing we did:

Things get a lot easier when you start to understand some of the “magic” under the hood.

  • You can operate, launch and optimize faster
  • You can create more effective process lists for your team
  • You’ll have a much clearer understanding of who the right hires for your team will be

Here, you’ll get content, courses, etc. to help you get the following results:

  • Build your audience and email list
  • Build and optimize your sales funnel(s)
  • Drive targeted traffic into your funnel and minimize your cost to acquire a new customer
  • Utilize analytics and testing to grow your business